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Royal Family, welome!! This month we have a historic update. The Mask project from Kyng James III has been released!! The Mask album is available on all streaming platforms and The Mask mixtape is available exclusively on Soundclick. Each individual project contains 15 tracks and combine some of the best beats and lyrics heard in years. Check them both out now!

To celebrate the release of the album we have a ton of content for the fam. Off the album we give you the audio and lyric video for the spoken word masterpiece RAIN


On this track (located at the bottom of this page) Kyng James III delivers his most powerful lyrics yet, backed up by the incredible vocal stylings of R &B sensation Mrs. Kris-Styles this track will quickly become one of your favorites. The lyric video (which has already been viewed over 2000 times) is the icing on the cake as it adds a Hollywood feel to Kyng James III’s vocal masterpiece. Check it out here


Fresh off the mixtape we give you the banger 925 .  On this fire track (located at the bottom of this page) the Kyng delivers clever punchlines over a Hip Hop version of a country classic. The track which was produced by The Twisted One contains one of the illest outros ever done.


To celebrate the release of the project we took a culture trip to Savannah Ga. The food was amazing. We want to give a special shout out to Sisters of the new South located on 2605 Skidaway Rd. They made us feel like family and their Fried Chicken and peach cobbler are the best in the city.  Also want to shout out Treylor Park located at 115 E Bay St. Their Cheesesteak eggrolls are amazing, and they have the best bartenders on tap! Check them both out!! Tell them we sent you….

In the Writer’s Block we present Savannah rap legend Camouflage, a genius on the mike taken way before his time. Legends never die and we celebrate him here. We also display the best graffiti artists in the city in the Gallery section. This month we lit!!



We want to take time out to send our sincere thanks to all of you. As of writing this tracks from Kyng James III have been streamed over 100k times!! With the release of his new album there is no telling how far this can go and it is all thanks to you, our Family. We will be taking a short break to promote the album so while we do check out our newly launched sister site: for info on upcoming shows, interviews etc. We will be back before you know it! We wear the Mask……





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Kyng James III, formerly known as King James, is an Underground rapper, poet, and civil rights activist. He earned his name by battling and doing shows in the Underground Atlanta Hip Hop scene. His recorded songs have reached over 40,000 downloads and his independent artist website had over 10,000 registered members. His two mixtapes: King James Version, and Genesis are recognized as Classics in the Southern Hip-Hop community. After taking a long hiatus from music, the current state of Hip Hop music and our culture has forced Kyng James III to come back as a masked Vigilante lyrically ready to right the wrongs that are plaguing our community. Being both verbose and arrogant, as well as humble and spiritual, Kyng James III is the perfect Artist for those of us that feel "Lost" in this crazy world. He encourages others to stand up and be heard. WATCH, LISTEN, and LEARN as this "Kyng" takes the crown for the people......



A powerful spoken word track from Kyng James III off of his album The Mask (available on all Streaming platforms) featuring the powerful vocal stylings of R&B singer Ms. Kris-Styles. Rain comes from the heavens. It washes and nourishes the earth. Let this lyric video wash and nourish your soul. Let it Rain!